Studio Practice

Book Cover Project

This project involves researching books of the genre your interested in and creating a book cover in the studio, while carrying out the normal procedures such as:

Planning the shoot
Deciding and creating a lighting diagram
Health & Safety Assessment
Developing the idea

Book Cover – 1 week brief

  • Research a range of books (studio based).
  • Research material does not have to be photographic.
  • Select a book title.
  • Produce ideas generation for you own version (not a pastiche).
  • How does the imagery connect to the book.
  • Produce lighting diagram, props check list and Health & Safety assessment.
  • Setup a rough version to explore composition before using the studio.
  • Use the studio to shoot your version.
  • Be creative and think outside the gold fish bowl.
  • Reflective statement (on what you could have improved on).
  • Be ready to present your final image for next week on Powerpoint include pre and post production images (before and after photoshop) and with text.

My Idea

  • Book cover to do with Depression
  • Face with Half light Lighting.
  • Reality of depression.
  • No rose tinted glasses version of depression.
  • Even though we say cured we mean on going work at managing depression.
  • Biographical
  • What it really feels like expressed in replacement image.
  • Use the term ‘Black Dog’ reference to depression quote “I had a black dog, his name was depression”.


  • Black Background.
  • Half light.
  • Chair.
  • Black & White image.

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