Was given a new assignment by Mark this week to look at ‘Joiners’ definition of which is

Joiner Photography – involves the use of two or more separately taken images of a single scene to create a larger one by physically overlapping them or by digitally merging them. It differs from montage photography in that it looks to expand the area of view of the photograph as opposed to insert several elements into a given picture frame. From this point on there are many directions to take the image in terms of shape, viewpoints, subject, narrative, time and style. These all involve more personal choices by the creator and provide the potential for a more intimate and individually driven photograph”.

Artist who have used this technique include David Hockney who was influenced by Picasso intern Picasso was influenced by Cezanne and Barque’s fractured multiple viewpoint images.

images from – (thedelightofseeing) website.

Hockney then interpolated this into a photographic process were he took multiple images of the subject from different angles, heights as well as zooming in to make parts of his images more discernible and stand out his images photographed with this process include ‘My Mother’ and ‘David Hockney’ (self Portrait) and ‘Pearblossom Highway #2’.

Joiner Landscape example


A couple of ideas that have a risen after look through David Hockney’s collection of Joiner images are to do landscape form joiners of local areas in the town centre such as Queen’s Gardens and a few other places my planning would consist of taking an image putting in photoshop and then creating a grid to go over the image so that I could segment out the pieces of the image so then the final shoot comes round I know exactly how to take the pictures to create the joiner.

I was thing of changing the vibrancy, saturation and colour of the images as well as using portrait and landscape shots and maybe try some angles as well to give it a bit of a different shape but keeping the perspective.


My 1st Attempt at doing a joiner for Mark sadly It is one assignment I did not like as it. I found this process was laborius just to make one image by taking multiple photographs and the joining them together to create the image you took in the first place, I suppose it is another photographic process that could be useful later on but this type of photography holds no interest for me at all.

I will be adding a contact sheet to show the images which were used to create this image. The particular area was chosen to photograph because I love the angle of the building and the three different coloured types of stone that were used in its construction and also the fact that it is quite contemporary with this particular area