Jeff Wall Shoot

A View from an Apartment 2004-5 by Jeff Wall born 1946
A View from an Apartment 2004-5 Jeff Wall born 1946 Purchased with assistance from the American Fund for the Tate Gallery and Tate Members 2006

What we are looking at doing for the Jeff Wall project ist to re-create an image similar to the one above but also try and use a technique called Tromploy which in French means deceive the eye with some of our own images below are two images that represent the technique of Tromploy.

Below are some potential images that could be printed onto foam board and placed on the blank white panel of the Hull City of Culture Stand in Paragon Station (image with the 2×2 volunteers stood either side to make it look like Tromploy windows have been created that look out into the station itself and shoot it using flash to replicate the techniques that Jeff Wall uses.