Irene Kung

From the examples shown below you will see that Irene Kung has a unique way of working with her images which she processes in Photoshop and creates these lovely directed light on subject images The Buildings and The Trees are from her first and second books respectively called ‘Irene Kung: Trees‘ and ‘Irene Kung: The Invisible City‘ of which I have the latter which is a stunning collection of her architectural images.

The images above are all black with what is a beam of light hitting the subject in a specific place but Irene also works with images that are a lot lighter than this but look just as stunning and in black and white as well ‘Trees light, Dark and Black & White‘.

Of Swiss decent Irene Kung started off as a painter and she achieved success early on in her career as an artist who’s technique was based upon that of “Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance frescoes” In recent years Irene Kung has expanded her repetoire into photography. creating some of the most visually stunning images of Architecture, Fruit Trees and Animals by using her own dramatic and unique style which sets her work apart from mainstream contemporary photography.

Irene Kung – The Invisible City
Irene Kung – Trees


Kungified Image

St. Mary the Virgin Church, Hull

The above image is an attempt to re-create the style of the photographer and artist Irene Kung and not be an exact copy of how she does her work which as a piece of art is stunning. I have also been looking at how to manipulate light in other photo editing packages as well such as Krita, DXO Optics Pro 11, Affinity Photo and On1 Photo Raw to see which one works best so experimenting with them was quite interesting images representing these test will follow shortly.