Hull City of Culture Challenges 2017

The hull City of Culture Challenges 2017

These are the six articles that I have been looking at to create responses to each one (even though ‘Create an inspiring message and A picture of you are going to be combined into a single image’)

‘A View of Your City’


From memory, or by going to see it, draw, paint or create a landscape of your city. It might be the view of a bridge, or a cultural landmark like The Deep, or just the view from your window wherever you are.

For this project I have decided to use photographs of the Porter Street Flats, Great Thorton Street  which have become part of an art installation for the City of Culture, the project was conceived by the Italian artist Silvio Palladino who worked in conjunction with the Goodwin Development Trust to bring his installation to life and over the whole year of City of Culture this installation will also include neighbouring buildings such as William Booth House, Adelaide School, the Danish Church and the Hull Royal infirmary.

The project is aptly entitled ‘I Wish To Communicate With You’ his inspiration was taken from the Maritime Flag Communication for seafarers hence the association with Hull, his vision was brought to life by the International Lighting Consultant James Bawn.


My idea for this project was communication but seeing whether there was either a hidden musical or language code with the lights. One of the things I thought about was, whether contracted braille symbols could be embedded within the lights to produced a phrase like ‘Knowledge, Child or People’.

Contracted Braille

I also thought about whether this could be a coloured musical system were each colour represented a musical note (like the five tones system that was used in the film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’) using the Curwen hand sign system and link those to the  Re, Mi, Do, Do, So, tones were the second Do is octave below the first.

I would like to create a tonal system from the colours on the flats and match them with Curwen’s hand signs and the scale (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do) of the solfege seven-note diatonic musical scale.

Curwen Hand Signs

‘Nature’s Art’


Give old nature new life. Find some objects in nature, like leaves or branches or stones and then make something beautiful out of them. Maybe a collage, a mobile, or a picture? Whatever works for you.

For nature’s art, I was looking at maybe using dead flowers to show what type of beauty can be shown in death in the natural world

‘Create an Inspiring Message’


Create an inspirational message and post it somewhere – this could be in a public place (no littering or graffiti!), or online on your social media or blog, wherever you wish to spread your kindness, you decide.

‘A Picture of You’


Make a self-portrait. You can use anything, drawing, collage or photography – feel free to edit away. This year all eyes will be on Hull, and 64 Million Artists want you to show the amazing different and diverse people that live in this city. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just capture you. Go for abstract, realistic and detailed, full body or just the head, sequins, material and felt pens, or pen and paper – whatever you want. Don’t spend longer than 10-15 minutes.

The idea for my representation of these two challenges combined is to use a self-portrait and apply text to that portrait relating to Hull/Hull City of Culture 2017 based on this image I saw of the late John Lennon.


But change the text in the piece to something relating to Hull and the city of culture 2017 this image will be completed in photoshop by overlaying the text onto the image in a similar way.

This is my impression of the John Lennon Text Poster above but this time using Hull slang terms on my portrait as I was born in Hull.

Hull Slang and Me



Take notice of your surroundings and share a photograph of something that makes you feel happy using #ChallengeHull.

I think for this project I will shoot an image of the new installation in Queen Victoria Square called Weeping windows which is made up of several thousand handmade porcelain poppies which were originally used in the commemorative piece for Remembrance Sunday at the Tower of London and for an installation at Lincoln Castle

One Million Porcelain Poppies at The Tower of London
porcelain poppies lincoln
Porcelain Poppies at Lincoln Castle.

I have created an cooer popped image of the poppies in the weeping window part of the Hull City of Culture 2017 to represent something that came to Hull and made me both happy and smile.

Red Weeping Window