Final Character Images

Here are my final three Character Portrait images, the reason why I used this subject was because when he was 39 years old he suffered a Heart attack (which he didn’t know at the time) he woke up on Sunday morning with chest pains and decided to go to out of hours surgery to see the doctor when he got there the GP decided he needed to go to hospital for a checkup and told hm to call a taxi and go. When he got to A&E at Hull Royal Infirmary he informed the reception why he was there and within 2 minutes he was rushed into a cubicle suffering from a heart attack and was given the relevant medication when the attending doctor heard that the GP had told him to get a taxi rather than calling an emergency ambulance for him he hit the roof and was disgusted by the way he had been treated by the GP in actual fact the GP nearly cost him his life thankfully he fully recovered from the ordeal .

Lighting Plans


Studio Setup with Speedlites

Here are some images of the setup used to shoot the vanitas and the character portrait at home using two Speedlite flashes, two Neewer wireless receivers, one Neewer transmitter set to Group one along with the two receivers, a Sekonic light meter, Toshiba Satelite Netbook and USB cable for tethering the camera to the laptop and Canon’s own EOS Capture software for taking the photographs remotely and changing the settings for Both the Canon camera’s the 1100D and the 750D the setup images of the studio were taken with the Huawei P9 smartphone with the Leica technology in.

My Character Portrait

Here are some images for my character portrait

all the images were taken using two Speedlite flashes using Neewer wireless controllers and transmitter, two lighting tripods, canon 1100D and 750D EOS Cameras a Toshiba Satelite laptop USB cable for tethering to the laptop and canon’s own EOS Utility software for controlling the cameras.

Below are the lighting plans I used for the Character photo shoot using Speedlite flashes and a led light panel for extra illumination if required .

Character 1a – Lawrie

Andy suggested he would like to see the black and white character portrait test of Lawrie as a Portrait orientated image rather than a landscape and I must admit I do agree with his suggestion as it not only looks good it is more compatible with the rule of thirds.

I think I have been able to capture a vulnerable kind of look in Lawrie’s eyes with this picture and I really it.

50 mm at ISO 3200, F 5.6 and 1/50’s

Lawrie’s Character Portrait Test.