The images below are called blends, they are made up of multiple photographs and each one is layered on top of the previous were opacity and fill are reduced and a slight offset to create a blend of the different images the two images below are of the Statue of Queen Victoria in Queen Victoria Square and the other is a blend of five different photographs of doorways layered on top of each other with fill and Opacity altered slightly on each one to give an impression of  multi-faceted ethereal doors ways that could have been drawn with a pencil.

Images used for the Doorway Blend

Images used for Queen Victoria Blend


Here are two images of the blends been created in Photoshop.

The idea behind these images was derived from a session on the artist Idris Khan who was appropriating the work of Bernd & Hilla Becher, who photographed industrial structures and then placed them in a grid format for viewing, each image in the grid was of a similar looking structures the constant between this was the light, distance from the subject the same camera and lens were used to take the images.

So what does Idris Khan do with the appropriated work of the Becher’s, he first selects the group of images he wishes to use in the piece he is creating ¬†and then starts layering the images together to create a piece that looks like it could have been drawn for example