Interpretations 2 – Quotation

“Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle – To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving”


“Das Leben ist wie ein Fahrrad fahren. Um dein Gleichgewicht zu halten, musst du weitergehen.”

Quotation Investigator

This Quotation I selected was by Albert Einstein, at first it totally confused me about what he was talking about and I was struggling to come up with an idea to represent this quote, to be honest, I still do not know if I am 100% certain now but let’s have a go.

I looked through a lot of different sites relating to the interpretation of quotations this first site I came upon was Quotation Investigator which was even more confusing because of the amount of detail they placed on the phrase ‘Life is like Riding a Bicycle’ I was looking for something a little more minimalist so I thought what can I do to represent this.

The Bike is the representation of life, meaning if that person stays balanced on the bike and not deviate to the left or and fall off they would ideologically have a good life and improve their health and wellbeing.

so the decision was taken to shoot me with my old bike in the top four images which are slightly different and the bottom four images of the new bike.



What I was trying to show is that my life was going in the wrong direction that’s why the bike is facing to the right so I would have been heading collision with my mental health but me the new bike is to reveal that I had the collision and my new bike was taking me to a better life and experiences on a new road road. In other word’s I had nothing to lose by standing up to my depression and turning it around and become a more confident and better person.

Each image is to represent all the stages I went through with counselling and what the turnaround and then the slow recovery over time.


The quotation assignment given to us by Mark really stretched my thing about what to do, to be honest, I did not really like this task at all because I could not visualise anything that would go with my quote by Einstein, and that was after looking at an interpretation of the meaning of the quote.

I tried to use this quote as a metaphor for a part of my life when I was suffering from depression and tried to express my “fight or flight” safety net, which is why the bicycle is there as this was used as my safety net when I went out. When I got the feeling of panic, fear and not been able to cope with that situation, the bicycle would become my way of escape, so when I got the new bike it was a turnaround as though I had fallen off the bike and had enough of been ill, it was now time to get better get on my new bike and improve my situation.

so this is what I have tried to represent in my image which seems to work, I still have some doubts about whether it is portraying what I envisaged as my idea but it may become a piece to work on in greater detail later and try something different like riding the bike’s or actually do it on location and put myself in the situation again and try and replicate those feelings of fear and panic again.



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