Interpretation 2

These images are a progression on the previous chair image below to show what can be when more thought is actually putting into looking for a subject to shoot, both these images were edited in On One Photo Raw. Vignettes were then placed over both images and the centre of the vignette was repositioned until I was happy with the way it drew the viewers eye into the image.

Here is a screen capture of OnOne Photo Raw taken will I was working on another image.


ON1 Raw
Scale Lane Bridge – edited in On One Photo Raw


Here are the images I have been looking at to use as final images for the interpretations 2 for mark where we had to select three of the twelve original images we did and re-imagine them so here goes.

The images were taken on a Nikon D7100 with a HammerHead flash using back button focusing on AE/L button with a 50mm F1.8 manual prime lens. the statue and wire cable drum images were taken at approximately 2:30 pm in the afternoon with a slightly overcast cloud give a nice depth and colour to the clouds.


After talking to Mark on Wednesday about this image he critiqued the fact that the modern builds in the background were distracting from the main part of the image which was the migrant family, but I didn’t want to loose the cloud effect because it was a strong part of the image as well and if I had to do a reshoot I may have been able to get the same effect

So a decision was made to make a selection around the couple in photoshop using the selection tool and then using a Gaussian blur tool, blur out the background of the image so that the couple would pop out more and distract from the background itself which I know I have achieved.


This was chosen for the Everlasting Beauty, The thought behind this is the fact that flowers may not last very long in reality but the intention of giving a flower to someone is to show everlasting love for them.

The flower in the image was part of a bouquet I gave my partner to represent how I felt about her and the colours reminded me of her bright African clothing. The image was processed in Photoshop, I used a high pass filter to bring out more detail and boosted the colours slightly as well.

Lighting Diagram for Flower


Where used to represent a pile of things the reason I shot this particular image was I loved the shape that the chairs made while stacked up and the fact the were straight and curved lines as well as the pattern of the woven seat and back with the light and shadow detail plus the texture of the wall and the floor also stood out rather well.

The image was touched up in Photoshop by lifting the colour slightly and bring out the texture of the material they were made off with a high pass filter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was quite an interesting task it gave me the opportunity to re-visit three of the images from the interpretations assignment and improve or even change the subjects


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