My Final Images

These are my Final images for the Seeing the world documentary project the reason behind these images was to show the Maritime link with Hull from Fishing, to whaling, to the abolition of slavery to navvies who helped build the docks, a proud history of this town.

Through Architecture, Murals and sculptures that can be found around Hull itself, according to information I found it seems that if some wants to build a new building in Hull it must have something in it or on it that relates to the maritime connection ie the BBC building having a penthouse shaped like a ship’s bridge and St. Stephens shopping centre whose roof is shaped like a ship’s hull.

I spent a lot of time going through these images of which none have been edited in photoshop or lightroom I wanted to keep them as the came out of the camera and let them speak for themselves because this is a part of my heritage been born and breed in Hull I believe it is also my responsibility no our responsibility to catalogue these pieces for posterity.

I love the craftsmanship and design that has gone into each of these pieces and the fact that some are very tactile. whereas the architectural design for the buildings make them a lot more interesting to look at and more esthetically pleasing than just square lumps.



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