Final Character Images

Here are my final three Character Portrait images, the reason why I used this subject was because when he was 39 years old he suffered a Heart attack (which he didn’t know at the time) he woke up on Sunday morning with chest pains and decided to go to out of hours surgery to see the doctor when he got there the GP decided he needed to go to hospital for a checkup and told hm to call a taxi and go. When he got to A&E at Hull Royal Infirmary he informed the reception why he was there and within 2 minutes he was rushed into a cubicle suffering from a heart attack and was given the relevant medication when the attending doctor heard that the GP had told him to get a taxi rather than calling an emergency ambulance for him he hit the roof and was disgusted by the way he had been treated by the GP in actual fact the GP nearly cost him his life thankfully he fully recovered from the ordeal .

Lighting Plans


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