Shirley Goodsell Final Image


Prince Street Triptych

Here is my final image for the Shirley Goodsell a three image composition of the area of Prince Street in Hull the first full-colour image is a replication of the original painting as near as I could get to it in the rain so I have the added bonus of the reflections in the wet cobbles and pavement which add just a bit more interest.

The second image is same as the first but this time I inverted the colours to create a negative style effect to the photograph which I really like because we still have the separation of the colours of the buildings.

And finally, image three which was just a case of selecting one-half of the image and converting it to greyscale showing the difference between colour and black & white.

I am really happy with the final result and hope it does justice to Shirley Goodell’s original piece.


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