CATS – Text Seminars

Over the past Couple of weeks, we have been looking at what the 2 compulsory Text Seminars and the 500-word essays and what we have to write about them.

  1. Photographing Children: the works of Tierney Gearon and Sally Mann – Sarah Edge and Gail Baylis
  2. The World According to Parr – a documentary about the photographer Martin Parr.

Imagine is an art series presented by Alan Yentob. The eccentric Martin Parr is widely considered to be the most influential British photographer of his generation. Parr returns to his suburban roots to explore his inspiration and provides a personal tour of his obsessive collections ranging from Saddam Hussein watches to Beatles wallpaper

Imagine, The World According to Parr, 22:35 03/12/2003, BBC1 London, 50 mins. (Accessed 06 Dec 2016)



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