Shirley Goodsell Exhibition

Last Friday afternoon the whole class met downstairs in the HSAD building Foyer where there was an exhibition of paintings by the Hull artist Shirley Goodsell the exhibition is called ‘A Family’s Journey through Hull’s Old Town’. During our viewing, Mark asked us to pick one of the paintings and make a photographic response to the image.

Out of all the 36 paintings on display only two caught my attention ‘Prince Street towards Holy Trinity’ was one the other was ‘A Good Gossip!’ eventually, I decided to do a photographic response to ‘Prince Street towards Holy Trinity’ the reason I have been taking photographs in that area for the past two years and also because I have found memories of the Old Town market place.

As soon as I saw the painting of the 2 women talking in front of the Bob Carver’s Fish & Chip Stall all I could smell was freshly cooked Fish & Chips reminding of how when I was a child my parents would take me and my brother into the town and after we had been shopping in the indoor market we would just pop out to the outdoor market and me and my brother would starting pestering for chips above the noise of people talking and stall holders plying their trade and wears. unfortunately for me now, where the outdoor market is they are refurbing or building something and with all the barriers up and workmen about you could not do a very good job  of photographing the area as a response.

Another painting Shirley had done was of Prince Street just of the Market Place and opposite Holy Trinity, now this is an area I have personally been photographing for some time now because of “the curving row of exquisite coloured Georgian Houses” (Mansfield, 2002) in the Telegraph Travel section about the Hidden Depths of Hull.

So now my intention is to take some image of the same Prince Street during daylight at night or indeed different weather conditions and maybe look at combining the images to show how the street looks under different lighting conditions.

I will be using my Nikon D7000 with a 50 mm prime lens for this shoot, I will decide on the camera settings when I am on site.

Shirley Goodsell – Princes Street Looking Toward Holy Trinity.

When you consider how much damage was done to Hull (North East Coast Town) during the German bombing raids of World War II I’m surprised so much of Hull’s history has survived because Prince Street is not too far from High Street and that used to covered in wooden cobbles until an incendiary hit and exploded and set fire to the whole street from top to bottom, it is said that British bomber crews flying back to England from bombing  Germany could see the glow of the flames from over the North Sea and Norway.


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