Shirley Goodsell – New Images

Will going to attend college today I decide to visit Princes Street again as it was very nice weather (the sun was out) when I got there I spent a little bit more time looking at the scene itself so I counted how many house you could see visible on the left side of the street and there were 5 so I tried to position myself so that I could only see the 5 house in the viewfinder. I also played around with the settings from the previous day because the sun was bright and bleaching out some parts of Holy Trinity’s clock tower.

The Images:


As you can see the images today I feel are a lot better than yesterdays there are still some with lighting issues i.e. too bright, not level, but there are some that are rather nice with a bit more colour, detail and sky. I will go through them and decide which image is most suitable to print.

Just remembered I have updated all my cameras Lens firmware this helps reduce the softness in images as the software calibrates the camera to the specific lens you use as well as other calibrations.

After looking at these images again I am contemplating whether to use my Canon EOS 750D or Nikon D7100 to do a reshoot purely for technical reasons


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