Sam Larter

Sam Larter was a third year Fine Art student who came to do a talk to us second years about her work sam-larterwhich is based around Domesticity looking at household objects and how they can be transformed into pieces of art by using traditional materials such as aluminium, plaster and also paint. Sam will use objects that have been discarded after been used or indeed are no longer of any value, these may include bowls, bottles, towels or sheets. Sam would then crush them or scrunch them up and paint or dip them depending on what she was looking to create.

Sam also brought some of her pieces in for us to look at including the notebooks she uses for the ideas and designs she creates.

As Sam says “she is fascinated by the physical experience of handling materials, and is spurred on by the materiality, form, colour but most importantly by the transformation“.

Sam also discussed some of the artists who had been influential on her work such as Claes Oldenburg and Michael Craig Martin.

Claes Oldenburg

I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something more than sit on its ass in a museum.

Oldenburg was a US sculptor born on January 28, 1929, he is best known for his public art installations which included using very large replicas of everyday objects such as a shuttlecock, a rubber stamp and an ice cream cone, as well as plushie burgers and a sandwich.

theartVIEw – Claes Oldenburg, artist talk at MUMOK

Martin Craig Martin


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