Definition of what appropriation art is

Appropriation To appropriate something means to take possession of it or to make one’s own by adjustments to the image for example.

The two images below are by the artist Roy Lichtenstein one is called Drowning Girl which was an appropriated image from #38 of DC Comics, ‘Secret Hearts’ and the second image is called ‘Whaam’ which was adapted from a panel drawn by  Irv Novick from DC Comics,  ‘All-American – Men of War’ from 1962

The term appropriation n the visual arts is often used in general terms to refer to the use made of borrowed elements in the creation of new work or indeed taking an original image adjusting it slightly.

These borrowed elements might include images, forms or styles from art history or popular culture, or materials and techniques from non-art contexts.

Since the 1980s, the term ‘appropriation’ has also had a much more specific meaning. Since this time, the term has been closely associated with the process of ‘quoting’ the work of another artist to create a new work.

Youtube video on appropriation art


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