Been accepted

Just found out that my image depression 1 has been accepted for Ferens open gallery over the moon!!!


This is the image that has got me there.

Here are the emails I received from Ferens Art Gallery yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Been accepted”

  1. Ferens-congratulations! Brilliant! Well done!
    Seeing the World- Progress please! time is ticking away… any problems – see me.
    Interpretations – you are behind with this! You need to make a concerted (but careful) effort to make up some time. But – take care with every image – imagine you are entering it for the ferens…


    1. Mark I am working over the weekend to catch up with interpretations, street, seeing the world I will be going to see the people who run the food bank on Sunday but will also be looking at student usage of food banks as well as Hull uni have one one setup.


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