Duchamp Fountain 17

Here are some images of the KonstruKtor Camera been built the images show the sequence, from building the lens to putting together the Flip up Eye viewer to building the body internals and then the final piece of putting the internal component inside the body and loading the film which was ASA 400 36 shot a video was also created but that will added later.

I have at last come up with an interesting idea for the Fountain 17 project, it is about a ready-made been constructed then deconstructed and will ask if the ready-made is a piece of art itself or whether it is indeed just an object for creating art.

more information will be coming on Monday 7th November session with Alison.

I will be using something called Konstruktor which use 35 mm 36 exposure film close-up and macro lens can also be bought in kit for and so can the flash connector as well, see images below:


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