Who is Marcel Duchamp

The ready-made is the consequence of the refusal which made me say: There are so many people who make pictures with their hands, that one should end up not using the hand.

Marcel Duchamp

French artist Marcel Duchamp was born in 28th July 1887 in Normandy France, he was an artist, sculptor and author/writer. His father was the mayor of Blainville and his mother raised Marcel and his five brothers and one sister.

One of Duchamp’s earliest pieces of work was the Landscape at Blainville (1902), while he was at the tender age of fifteen, when his two older brothers left home to become artists at the Académie Julian in Paris, then in 1904 Marcel joined his brothers at the Académie Julian in Paris and his brother Jacques Villon supported Marcel during his studies.

While in Paris Duchamp earned money by becoming a cartoonist and drawing cartoons for comic magazines. At the same time, Duchamp made his way through the then contemporary art movements such as Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and lastly Cubism. In 1911 Marcel Duchamp became friends with the poet  Guillaume Apollinaire an ardent supporter of Cubism and everything avant-garde in art, another one of his close friends was the artist Francis Picabia who’s painting style was of the most orthodox of impressionism until 1909 when at this time he decided he needed  a complete change, also at the same time Duchamp shared with Picabia that felt Cubism was “to systematic, to static and in fact ‘boring'”. It was at this point that both Picabia and Duchamp went directly by “semi-realism” to a “nonobjective” expression of movement where they met  “Futurism” and “Abstractionism,” which they had known by name only before.


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